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Communicating with Confidence

Jeff Ansell

5 mins

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In this course, Jeff Ansell introduces us to tools and strategies that enable us to communicate confidently and clearly.


Communicating with Confidence

Communicating with Confidence

by Jeff Ansell


Public speaking is commonly listed as one of people's greatest fears. But it doesn't have to be yours.

Jeff Ansell is ideally situated to provide coaching in the area of communication. Having worked as a respected investigative journalist, Ansell went on to create the first media training department in the US and now works as a high-profile media coach, lecturing on crisis communications at Harvard Business School.

In Communicating with Confidence, Ansell puts his skills and experience to use by helping us to understand how we can better communicate in public by controlling our breathing and using effective body language.

Favorite quote

A confident communicator is grounded, comfortable in their own skin, at ease and natural, whether it's in a one-on-one conversation, a meeting at work or school, or a large presentation setting.

- Jeff Ansell

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