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Communicating Across Cultures

Tatiana Kolovou

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Communicating Across Cultures is a deep dive into navigating cross-cultural communication in diverse workplaces.


Communicating Across Cultures

Communicating Across Cultures

by Tatiana Kolovou


Cultural diversity is the future of mankind. But before we learn how to live and work together, we must learn how to communicate with people from different cultures. Even when two people speak the same language, communicating across cultures involves nuances and details you might not even notice.

Tatiana Kolovou is a Greek-born communication expert who works at the U.S.-based Kelley School of Business. In this LinkedIn Learning course from 2018, Kovolou shares her decades of experience studying cross-cultural communication. Kovolou's content covers both academic and business settings.

Dealing with topics such as stereotypes, biases, and cultural diversity, Communicating Across Cultures is a valuable resource for any workplace.

Favorite quote

If there's one thing you should remember when communicating with people from different cultures, it is that personality overrides general cultural characteristics... get to know others on a human and individual level.

- Tatiana Kolovou

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