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Coaching Employees through Difficult Situations

Lisa Earle McLeod, Elizabeth (McLeod) Lotardo

5 mins

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This course teaches how to handle difficult conversations with your employees with tact and grace.


Coaching Employees through Difficult Situations

Coaching Employees through Difficult Situations

by Lisa Earle McLeod


Coaching is an invaluable tool for business leaders. By consistently coaching your team, you can increase their performance in various skillsets. You must be prepared to coach your employees through difficult situations so their performance remains unaffected.

Lisa McLeod is the founder of her own firm, McLeod & More, Inc., and Elizabeth Lotardo is her Vice President of Client Services. Both have an extensive amount of experience with various global organizations to help leaders build and enhance engagement, performance, and overall accomplishments in their teams. In this course, McLeod and Lotardo walk through the best approaches for multiple challenging, but common, workplace situations, and the best methods for tackling them.

Favorite quote

Coaching will give you a much more resilient and confident team, and a team that can function even when you're not there to call the shots.

- Elizabeth Lotardo and Lisa McLeod

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