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Closing The Gap

Teresa Boughey

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Human resources expert Teresa Boughey illuminates a clear path to achieving meaningful diversity and inclusion goals that lead to success for businesses and employees.


Closing The Gap

Closing The Gap

by Teresa Boughey


Businesses are increasingly concerned with diversifying their workforces and building an inclusive culture, but this looks different for each company. Inclusivity may mean closing the gender pay gap or recruiting more people of various ethnicities, religions, genders, or backgrounds.

Although there's no one-size-fits-all strategy for creating a diverse and inclusive organization, Closing the Gap: 5 steps to creating an Inclusive Culture by Teresa Boughey will help you determine what is right for your company. Boughey presents steps that every company can tailor to achieve an actively equitable work culture, no matter its starting point.

Through up-to-date research and decades of hands-on experience as a workplace culture consultant, Boughey neatly explains how to create an inclusive, accepting corporate culture, and why it's good for business.

Favorite quote

Diversity and inclusion shouldn't be viewed as a fad. It's not the latest business initiative. It's not a tick-box exercise, nor is it quota filling. And it won't go away.

- Teresa Boughey

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