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Climate Change: The ScienceBy University of Exeter

In a Nutshell

This course from the University of Exeter explains the past, present, and potential future state of our climate, using rigorous data analysis to demystify the planet's patterns.

Favorite quote

Humans stand at the dawn of a new geological epoch, an epoch in which climate change will alter the face of our planet … Either we continue business as usual and leave a scorching legacy, or we act collectively to get on a safer climate trajectory.

Tim Lenton


In the 150 years since the Industrial Revolution, climate change has accelerated at an unprecedented rate. Human activity is tipping the balance that has kept our planet stable for billions of years.

In this FutureLearn course, the University of Exeter puts climate change in quantifiable, understandable terms.

Fronted by Tim Lenton, professor of climate change and Earth system science, Climate Change: The Science brings together knowledge from experts in diverse fields.

Lenton explains climate change through its effect on each component of the climate system. From air to ocean, ice caps to forests, explore the changes being made to our planet and the consequences of failing to control them.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    The system that has kept Earth’s climate stable for billions of years is under threat of destruction from human activity
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