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Chris Voss: Negotiating

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, Jordan B. Peterson, Mikhaila Peterson, Chris Voss

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In this January 2021 episode of their podcast, Jordan B. Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila talk to expert negotiator Chris Voss about how learning to negotiate better can change your life.


Chris Voss: Negotiating

Chris Voss: Negotiating

by The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast


Not all of us are cutting deals with kidnappers or terrorists, but you probably do more negotiating than you realize. From working out company agreements to wrestling with our kids over bedtimes, negotiations are a key part of the way we navigate the world.

Chris Voss moved into crisis negotiation after an injury cut short his career in an FBI SWAT team. Starting out as a volunteer on a suicide hotline, Voss went on to become the FBI's cheif international hostage and kidnapping negotiator from 2003-2007. Since retiring from the FBI, Voss went on to become a lecturer and opened his own negotiation consulting business, The Black Swan Group.

In this podcast, Voss joins psychologist Jordan B. Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila to explain his key negotiation tactics. Voss explains that good negotiation isn't just vital in crisis situations; it can change your life and relationships.

Favorite quote

As a species, the only ones of us that survived were the ones that collaborated.

- Chris Voss

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