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Documentary Hack
Charles: Our New KingBy Tom Bradby

In a Nutshell

This ITV documentary dives into the past and future of King Charles III to explore what his coronation as Britain's new head of state will mean for him, for his country, and for millions around the world.

Favorite Quote

It is hard to imagine what a life so constrained by destiny is like. So full of privilege, so devoid of choice. But in a way that only a few of the rest of us ever manage, he can make his mark on history now.

Tom Bradby


Serving as a monarch is a privilege that very few people have ever been given, but it also comes with an enormous amount of pressure.

Charles III spent 73 years as the heir to the British throne, living in the shadow of one of the country's most beloved monarchs, Queen Elizabeth II.

Who is the new king, and how might his past influence what he brings to the role?

Tom Bradby is a journalist, author, and news presenter for ITV.

In this documentary, Bradby explores the life and personality of Britain's new monarch, showing how Charles – and his kingdom – have changed throughout the last 70 years.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Charles III was raised within a privileged, lonely family
  2. 2.
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