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Business Innovation Foundations

Drew Boyd

5 mins

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In this course, Drew Boyd talks about the importance of growth to an organization and shows us how innovation is the only proven way to add value for stakeholders.


Business Innovation Foundations

Business Innovation Foundations

by Drew Boyd


Companies like Google and Tesla are known for their innovative disruption. But innovation isn't only for big names - it's essential for organizations of any size.

After many years working in the business world in a variety of areas such as marketing, strategic planning, and mergers & acquisitions, Drew Boyd took his knowledge into the world of academia. Boyd is now an associate professor of marketing and innovation at the University of Cincinnati, dedicated to helping people understand innovation and how they can succeed at it. In this course, Boyd shows us how we can innovate using the tools of System Inventive Thinking and explains the principle of 'function follows form'.

Favorite quote

The only true, sustainable and virtually unlimited source of new growth for any organization is innovation.

- Drew Boyd

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