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Business and Impact Planning for Social Enterprises

Anjali Sastry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Learn to create an effective plan for social enterprises in this online course from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Solve initiative.


Business and Impact Planning for Social Enterprises

Business and Impact Planning for Social Enterprises

by Anjali Sastry


A social enterprise is a business whose main objective is positive social impact, rather than profit for its owners. Building an effective social enterprise is a daunting task. In addition to achieving financial viability, your success is measured by how much you've helped people, which can be tricky to accomplish and evaluate.

Anjali Sastry is a senior lecturer at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology specializing in managerial effectiveness. In this edX course produced by MIT's Solve initiative, which awards funding and coaching to budding social enterprises, Sastry introduces key areas of business planning for social entrepreneurship, including 'Impact Opportunity', customer discovery, scaling, and 'Theory of Change'.

Favorite quote

Even the best idea won't work if you cannot communicate, quickly and effectively, what's most important to would-be supporters.

- Anjali Sastry

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