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Building Professional Relationships

Skyler Logsdon

5 mins

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Building Professional Relationships shows you how to transform contacts and interactions into quality relationships, networks, and opportunities that will elevate your career.


Building Professional Relationships

Building Professional Relationships

by Skyler Logsdon


The best way to gain access to an excellent opportunity is to have the right network, connections, and advice to get there. Proper networking requires some mentorship and guidance, as well as perseverance to go through the entire process. In the end, it's through authentic professional relationships that you will be able to get ahead and succeed.

Skyler Logsdon is a wildly ambitious tech entrepreneur who is young and well-connected through a strategically built network. Through her experience, she has discovered that the effort and courage put into professional relationships can lead to great results.

Building Professional Relationships is a course that outlines actionable strategies to create lasting professional relationships. Through this course, you will discover how to have the positive attributes of a rock star, and understand the incredible value you bring to those that you meet.

Favorite quote

It's important for you always to have a pulse on your current value, and your value changes over time as you gain skills, knowledge, and experience.

- Skyler Logsdon

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