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Broke Millenial

Erin Lowry

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Broke Millenial shows those in their twenties and thirties how to manage their finances, so that when it comes to money, they can live more confidently and stop scraping by.


Broke Millenial

Broke Millenial

by Erin Lowry


Many of us feel like we've got a pretty good grasp on how to manage our expenses. But if you're a brand new college graduate, and thousands of dollars in debt, this aspect of adulthood might be more than a little intimidating. Even if you don't fit into this category, you may be making bad money decisions without even knowing it.

Let's face it, paying bills is difficult enough. But when financial advisors start talking about an emergency fund and retirement it gets overwhelming pretty fast. How are you supposed to think ahead when you can barely get enough cash for rent?

The good news is that it's not your fault, and that you don't have to stay broke forever. You probably just never learned the right money lessons. And it all begins with just a few simple changes to your outlook and habits. These principles and more are what Erin Lowry covers in her book Broke Millenial. Here, Lowry will help you go from knowing little about managing money to having the confidence that you can fund the life of your dreams.

Favorite quote

Trying to change how you spend or save money without understanding why it's difficult in the first place probably means you'll slip up.

- Erin Lowry

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