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Brian Klaas: Power, Corruption and Dictators

Armchair Expert, Dax Shepard, Brian Klaas

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In this January 2022 episode of Armchair Expert, host Dax Shepard talks to political scientist Brian Klaas about the psychology of power, why certain people are attracted to control, and how corruption can happen despite good intentions.


Brian Klaas: Power, Corruption and Dictators

Brian Klaas: Power, Corruption and Dictators

by Armchair Expert


Power doesn't always mean corruption, but it certainly makes the prospects of reshaping society for your own gain much more alluring. And positions of power often attract the worst kinds of people for the job.

Hosted by actor Dax Shepard, Armchair Expert is a podcast featuring open conversations about being human. In this episode from January 2022, Shepard discusses the psychological aspects of power with political scientist Brian Klaas. Klaas describes the type of people who gravitate toward powerful positions, the psychological and physical demands of becoming a world leader, and how leaders come to power in the first place.

Favorite quote

Does power corrupt or do corrupt people seek power? The answer is pretty much both. It's much more complicated and nuanced than that.

- Brian Klaas

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