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Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee

Michael Phillips

5 mins

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Most people start off their day with coffee but don't know the science behind their brew. In this course, coffee expert Michael Phillips walks students through the ins and outs of coffee.


Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee

Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee

by Michael Phillips


Do you know what it takes to brew the perfect cup of coffee? If you stumble through the process half asleep, you're missing out on amazing flavor possibilities. The truth about coffee is that it's a science that anyone can come to understand. With practice, you can become a barista-level coffee-maker at home.

Michael Phillips, Director of Training for Blue Bottle Coffee, is a coffee nerd who knows all about grinder types, water quality, bean origins, filter materials, and the coffee industry. In his course, From Plant to Cup: Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee, Phillips sheds light on coffee geekdom and hands it out to you so you can make the best of your morning cup.

Favorite quote

The world of coffee is vast, and there are many roads for you to travel down, each one unique and different.

- Michael Phillips

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