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Brand Development for Creatives

Karen Okonkwo

5 mins

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Make sure that your creativity is working in tandem with your brand and business with this course from social entrepreneur Karen Okonkwo.


Brand Development for Creatives

Brand Development for Creatives

by Karen Okonkwo


For those in creative fields, it can be easy to neglect the business side of your work. But creativity and business strategy can go hand-in-hand in developing an effective brand identity for your business.

Karen Okonkwo is a Nigerian-American social entrepreneur and co-founder of TONL, a stock photography company keen on showcasing diversity within the industry. In this course, Okonkwo stresses the importance of finding a brand essence for your business.

The stronger your brand, the more successful your product or service. Okonkwo shares the secrets of aligning your brand with your creative mission and company values, as well as building the right brand story and crafting an emotional narrative to hook your audience.

Favorite quote

Focus your efforts on portraying the best version of you as a creative, and the vision of your brand will naturally flow and really resonate with your audience.

- Karen Okonkwo

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