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Brain Inflamed

Kenneth Bock

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Primarily targeted at parents of adolescents with psychiatric issues, Brain Inflamed explores new and effective treatments for potential mental and developmental disorders.


Brain Inflamed

Brain Inflamed

by Kenneth Bock


Inflammation is a root cause of many psychological issues, such OCD, anxiety, depression, and even schizophrenia. And while psychological disorders are often treated with medication, dietary and lifestyle factors also have a role to play.

Dr. Kenneth Bock is a clinical psychologist renowned for his diagnosis skills, with over 35 years of experience in his field. In Brain Inflamed, Bock describes how natural supplements, lifestyle changes, and a personalized diet can reduce inflammation throughout the body´s organs. This allows the brain to transmit the correct signals and nutrients where they are needed.

Though most of the advice in this book is for the parents of children struggling with psychological issues, its insights can be used by anyone to improve energy levels, brain function, and daily mood. Even for otherwise healthy people, much of the dietary and hormonal information here can help optimize brain and body function.

Favorite quote

It's incredible how much difference a treatment regimen comprised mostly of dietary changes and a few herbs and nutritional supplements can make in a person's life.

- Dr. Kenneth Bock

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