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Michael Bar-Eli

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Boost! is the essential guide to maximising our daily productivity, using the same preparation and performance techniques that world-class athletes use to win their gold medals.




by Michael Bar-Eli


We've all seen the world-class performances of Olympic athletes. But how do they do it? What's so special about their practice methods that it transforms them into the best of the best?

We don't need anything special to learn the principles of sports psychology. These simple tools are right here at our fingertips, and practicing them consistently is the key to peak productivity.

This is what Michael Bar-Eli, the author of Boost! is here to teach you. He's a long-time Olympic coach who can show you how the top performers do it and how you can too, even in the workplace.

Favorite quote

As one of the first researchers to concentrate on the various psychological determinants of human athletic performance, I found that these determinants were integral to more than just sports.

- Michael Bar-Eli

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