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Carl Honore

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Carl Honoré offers a radical rethink of how we approach aging, showing how we can live better for longer and feel good about it.




by Carl Honore


In an era obsessed with youth, getting older is often met with fear and denial. The mass of anti-aging beauty products on the market is evidence enough that so many of us are trying to turn back time. Advancements in healthcare and standards of living mean more and more of us are living with a better quality of life for longer, and with this comes the need to challenge how we view aging. In his insightful book, Carl Honoré confronts our perception of aging, giving newfound optimism to those of us who dread counting the years.

Through a mix of real-life stories from around the world and research studies in social sciences, Honoré challenges us to see aging as a privilege rather than a punishment. The book offers an expansive view on growing older, examining everything from the physical effects of aging on the body to our role in the workplace.

Ultimately, we see that what comes to define us is not our age, but the choices we make. Approaching age as an opportunity for more, not less, is key to living a better, healthier, and more productive life.

Favorite quote

Every age can be wonderful. But only if we embrace it. Embrace the present instead of pining for the past and shrinking from the future.

- Carl Honoré

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