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Nicholas A. Christakis

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Blueprint gives us much-needed hope as it details the inherent goodness of the human race, revealing the biologically-wired social tendencies that help us survive and thrive by working together.




by Nicholas A. Christakis


Between Brexit, Trump, and every other political craziness out there, it seems like we humans have driven a wedge between ourselves. Our media outlets are constantly barraging us with explanations of how different we all are.

What are the odds, however, that what we think of as a large gap between us, is actually just a bunch of tiny differences? What if instead of being impossibly divergent, we're actually far more similar in just about every aspect of life?

This is what professor Nicholas A. Christakis, leader of an innovative social science laboratory, explores in his book Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society. We shouldn't lose hope in humanity. We've come a long way together, and we're more alike than we might think.

Favorite quote

The arc of our evolutionary history is long, but it bends towards goodness.


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