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Stephen P Williams

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A conceptual introduction to blockchain, providing insight into its real-world applications to encourage us to see how it can change our lives.




by Stephen P Williams


The word 'blockchain' may sound like a faraway concept to most. But it may soon become essential to our finances, our work, and even our social life. Blockchain describes a decentralized technology that keeps track of information relating to the digital space.

Stephen P. Williams is an author and journalist, who has written columns for The New York Times and Newsweek on topics ranging from health to business. The author's expertise on blockchain comes from heading a sustainable fashion startup that uses the technology to manage its manufacturing. In his 2019 book, Williams focuses on the broad scope of ways in which blockchain technology could improve daily life.

Favorite quote

Blockchain is a simple technology that, at its most basic, serves as a permanent, unhackable ledger for almost any information ... this simple ledger technology makes an ideal platform for building all sorts of innovative and radically new applications.

- Stephen P. Williams

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