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Blockchain Revolution

Don Tapscott, Alex Tapscott

5 mins

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Blockchain Revolution explains how the power of the new technology behind Bitcoin can transform our world financially by improving the way we store our money and do business to make it more fair, transparent, equal, and free from corruption.


Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain Revolution

by Don Tapscott


In today's world, we rely on middlemen to make sure a transaction is done legitimately. They put both the seller and buyer at ease that everything's being done in a fair way. But one thing we know from history is that middlemen like banks aren't 100% trustworthy. Imagine a world where we don't need a middleman, where transactions can be trustworthy and transparent for both parties. This system actually already exists on the internet, and it is going to radically change everything we know about money.

In Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business, and the World, we explore the exciting and revolutionary technology of cryptocurrency.

Authors Dan and Alex Tapscott reveal just how different our world could be if we fully utilized the technology known as the blockchain to create a completely transparent financial system finally free of corruption and dark money.

Favorite quote

We believe that the economy works best when it works for everyone, and this new platform is an engine of inclusion.

- Don Tapscott, Alex Tapscott

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