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Blitzscaling is the strategy some of today's most valuable companies have used to achieve huge market shares, insanely fast growth, big profit margins, and become corporate giants in a very short time.




by Reid Hoffman


At its peak, PayPal was growing 10% per day. Not per month or per year. Per day. That means for a while, every week, PayPal doubled its user base. After one month of such growth, your customer base would have increased by a factor of 16. Imagine having 20 customers on the 1st of November, and 320 on the 30th. That's how insane exponential growth is.

It's exactly this kind of growth that fascinates Reid Hoffman, the billionaire co-founder of LinkedIn, angel investor, and former COO of PayPal. Having been part of some of history's most impressive growth and success stories in business, he now wants to share everything he's learned about scaling a company and doing it fast.

In Blitzscaling, a book he co-wrote with Chris Yeh based on a class he taught at Stanford, he explains how founders can set up their businesses to quickly capture large market shares, leave the competition in the dust, and reap huge profit margins as a result.

Favorite quote

The world keeps getting faster - Silicon Valley is just the first place to figure out how to keep pace.

- Reid Hoffman

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