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Blended and Online Learning Design

UCL (University College London)

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This course from University College London gives classroom teachers the tools and understanding to effectively shift their teaching online.


Blended and Online Learning Design

Blended and Online Learning Design

by UCL (University College London)


Conventional teaching has always taken place in the classroom. So how can we adapt our teaching styles to ensure effective learning continues while online? While it's perfectly possible, teachers need to be fully aware of the various ways in which children learn and of the digital tools and opportunities available.

This FutureLearn course is presented by Diana Laurillard, Chair of Learning with Digital Technologies at University College London's Institute of Education Knowledge Lab. The course looks to help teachers in formal education develop the best pedagogy for using blended and online learning methods. The course showcases the experiences of a range of teachers from several sectors to demonstrate that effective online and blended teaching is possible.

Although the classroom may not always be physical, learning can be just as effective as ever with the right tools and understanding.

Favorite quote

We are now in the early stages of a transformation of education into embracing the digital world in a way we have never done before. Therefore, everyone is learning.

- Diana Laurillard, Chair of Learning with Digital Technologies, UCL Institute of Education

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