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Bitcoin and CryptocurrenciesBy Rustie Lin, Mengyi Wang, The University of California, Berkeley

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While Bitcoin is the most famous and established form of cryptocurrency, it is not the full story. This course from The University of California Berkeley delves into the rise of the cryptocurrency movement, the mechanics of Bitcoin, and emerging alternative networks.

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Blockchain technology is poised to affect so much of the world today; in the financial, energy, identity, and Internet of Things industries, just to name a few. But blockchain use cases weren't always this pervasive.

Rustie Lin


While it may be difficult to remember a time before cryptocurrencies were firmly planted in public consciousness, they are still fledgling applications of blockchain technology. The meteoric rise of cryptocurrency and its first success story, Bitcoin, over the last ten years is inextricably linked to movements reaching much further back.

In this course, Blockchain at Berkeley edX instructors Rustie Lin, Rea Savla, and Mengyi Wang cover the factors that led to the emergence of cryptocurrencies, from technological advances to political ideologies. Beyond the history, the instructors explore the various mechanics and best practices within blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The course takes a close look at the networks building on Bitcoin's legacy and even, potentially, superseding it.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Cryptocurrency was born out of a desire for privacy and autonomy
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