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Between Hope and Fear

Michael Kinch

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Between Hope and Fear illuminates the fascinating history of vaccination against infectious disease and the scientists whose work has saved the lives of billions.


Between Hope and Fear

Between Hope and Fear

by Michael Kinch


The visceral fear of contagious diseases from influenza to smallpox governed life for most of human history. Until the 1800s, up to half of all children died from preventable illnesses before their fifth birthday.

This prescient work by microbiologist Michael Kinch, published two years before Covid-19 swept the planet, delves into the story of humanity's greatest life-saving accomplishment and the deadly dangers of vaccine denial.

Kinch uncovers 1,000 years of immunology history, highlighting the researchers and innovations that have allowed us to overcome some of the deadliest diseases we've ever known.

Favorite quote

The campaign against vaccination has rendered the entire American population, both those who have been vaccinated and those who have not, susceptible to a recurrence of common childhood diseases.

- Michael Kinch

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