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Best Job Ever

Dr C K Bray

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This book from career development expert Dr. C. K. Bray is the ultimate guide to uncovering the motivations, goals, and aspirations that will help you find your ideal job.


Best Job Ever

Best Job Ever

by Dr C K Bray


Everyone has to work, but we often find that we dislike or even hate our jobs. Many of us are dissatisfied at work, going through the motions in careers picked for superficial reasons without ever uncovering our true purpose.

Career development expert Dr. C. K. Bray is on a mission to change the way people view work. Best Job Ever is Bray's actionable guide to uncovering the motivations, aspirations, and financial considerations we must understand to select the right career. If you're ready to move on from a job that's draining you, Bray can help you make the leap to a better career.

Favorite quote

If only I had known from the beginning the importance of having a career where I felt a sense of meaning and purpose.

- Dr. C. K. Bray

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