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Documentary Hack
Being SerenaBy Noah Lerner, Serena Williams

In a Nutshell

This HBO documentary chronicles a pivotal period in the life of tennis star Serena Williams after she discovers she is pregnant before winning the 2017 Australian Open.

Favorite Quote

Fear has always been valuable in my life. Without fear, without doubt, without discomfort in what we are doing, what is there for any of us to overcome?

Serena Williams


In 2017, Serena Williams was at the top of her tennis career when her life suddenly changed forever.

Discovering she was pregnant right as she was about to enter the Australian Open, the tennis star faced one of her biggest challenges yet.

Williams' journey into motherhood and back onto the courts was filled with health scares and other hurdles that tested her physically and mentally as she strived to balance family life with a passion for winning.

In this five-part documentary, director Noah Lerner and Serena Williams herself tell how the tennis star handled the physical demands of a surprise pregnancy, a life-threatening delivery, and a long road back to becoming an elite athlete.

Produced by HBO Sports and IMG's Original Content group, Being Serena offers an intimate first-person view of Williams' struggles.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Serena Williams showed tremendous courage as a child, as a tennis star, and as a new mother
  2. 2.
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