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Before & Laughter

Jimmy Carr

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Before & Laughter is controversial comedian Jimmy Carr's surprisingly earnest autobiography and inspirational self-help guide.


Before & Laughter

Before & Laughter

by Jimmy Carr


In a society where most of us follow the safe path, chasing our ambition is a revolutionary undertaking. Quitting a secure, lucrative job at 30 to become a stand-up comic is a fantasy that few would have the nerve to act on, but Jimmy Carr did, becoming a better person for following his dream.

Carr is a British comic and TV host known for his hard, dark, sometimes mean stand-up and distinctive laugh. Before & Laughter: A Life-Changing Book is Carr's disarmingly sincere, heartfelt guide to career transitions, life changes, and coping with grief. In his book, Carr presents a how-to handbook for developing your creativity, no matter your job.

Favorite quote

You don't have to think of yourself as creative to be creative. I hadn't seen myself as a creative person either. I was waiting for someone to tell me I was funny instead of telling myself I'm funny. I had been waiting for permission.

- Jimmy Carr

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