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Becoming Supernatural

Dr. Joe Dispenza

5 mins

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Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses the spiritual practices that allow people to connect with their inner self, develop greater awareness of the universe around them, and detach themselves from the habits and behaviors of the past.


Becoming Supernatural

Becoming Supernatural

by Dr. Joe Dispenza


Most people are not aware of how to connect with spiritual realms and are instead caught up in past experiences and anxieties about the future.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a lecturer and educator who has helped thousands learn to rewire their brains and live their lives to their greatest potential. Becoming Supernatural explains how to open the mind to heightened levels of consciousness and explores the role of past experiences, stress, and conditioning in our thoughts, habits, and behaviors. To heal from past traumas and lead an intentional life in tune with the supernatural, one must make a conscious effort to look inward.

Favorite quote

Each of us has myriad possible incarnations that exist in the eternal present moment … When the mystery of the self is unveiled, we can wake up to the understanding that we are not linear beings living a linear life but instead dimensional beings living dimensional lives.

- Dr. Joe Dispenza

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