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Becoming Cliterate

Dr. Laurie Mintz

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Dr. Laurie Mintz highlights the importance of the clitoris to female orgasms and explores the cultural problems and misperceptions that have sustained pleasure inequities between the sexes for centuries.


Becoming Cliterate

Becoming Cliterate

by Dr. Laurie Mintz


Our culture loves sex, but it has often turned a blind eye to the struggles women face when trying to orgasm with their partners. While some women may fear that they are the problem, the sheer prevalence of women who struggle to orgasm indicates a broader, societal issue.

A scholar, professor, and orgasm educator, Dr. Laurie Mintz has devoted her career to understanding human sexuality and teaching women how to have incredible orgasms and meaningful relationships.

Focusing on spreading 'cliteracy' – an amalgamation of clitoris and literacy – Becoming Cliterate dives into the cultural problems that have created barriers between women and sexual pleasure while positioning education, positive self-talk, and communication as solutions to orgasm injustice.

Favorite quote

Revolution comes after a long history of mistreatment. It comes from not wanting to be adjusted to the injustice any longer. It's time for a cultural and personal orgasm revolution.

- Dr. Laurie Mintz

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