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Becoming a Thought Leader

Denise Brosseau

5 mins

3 key insights

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This course reveals how you can turn your expertise and knowledge to your advantage by becoming a thought leader and making an impact with the right audience.


Becoming a Thought Leader

Becoming a Thought Leader

by Denise Brosseau


You learn a lot throughout your professional life, and there's plenty of valuable experience that can be shared with others. You can receive recognition for what you have achieved throughout your career by becoming a thought leader.

Executive coach and author Denise Brosseau has devised a strategy that focuses on building a good track record within your organization and industry so others can learn from your experiences. In this course, Brosseau explains how to expand your influence, build trust, and make an impact as a leader.

Favorite quote

Thought leaders take action and bring about change.

- Denise Brosseau

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