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Become an Influencer at Work

Beate Chelette

5 mins

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'Growth architect' and business strategist Beate Chelette explores how to become a positive influencer at work, principally through controlling your emotions and reactions.


Become an Influencer at Work

Become an Influencer at Work

by Beate Chelette


Being a person of influence at work is all about your ability to control your emotions, think strategically, and find out-of-the-box solutions. Becoming an "influencer" in your workplace is a highly opportune position to be in; it's a sure-fire way of proving your unique value.

Beate Chelette is a renowned leader with an excellent entrepreneurial mindset and a proven history of establishing, launching and growing multiple companies and brands. Chelette got her start as a professional photographer, but learned to build a hybrid between her creativity and her keen business ethic; the unique combination of the two skills soon got her a job at Elle Germany.

The course is for anyone who wants a shift in their mindset, to achieve the most they are able to achieve. It will cover how to build alliances, how to negotiate and various influencer strategies.

Favorite quote

No matter where you are today, it's a result, a direct result of every single decision you ever made.

- Beate Chelette

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