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Become a Travel HackerBy Chris Guillebeau

In a Nutshell

Become a Travel Hacker provides you with essential tools and tips to hack the transportation system and manage your budget in a way that allows for an easy, affordable, and memorable adventure.

Favorite Quote

When a great adventure is offered, you don't refuse it.

Amelia Earhart, aviator


When it comes to traveling, it's all about planning. But there is just so much to organize: money, miles, tickets, and time, to name a few.

If you're not a planner at heart, the process can be hectic and draining, and can even end up preventing you from taking that first step.

Chris Guillebeau traveled the world before the age of 35 and is here to show you the world – on a budget.

Guillebeau authored the New York Times bestseller, The $100 Startup, and initially received attention for his travel blog, The Art of Non-Conformity.

In his course, Become a Travel Hacker, Guillebeau shares easy hacks to help you travel safely and cheaply, manage your finances, keep in touch with family, and reach your mileage goals, all while enjoying every second of your journey.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

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    Understanding the miles and points system can help you hack your way into cheaper traveling
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