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Become a Chief of Staff

Brian Rumao

5 mins

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LinkedIn Chief of Staff Brian Rumao shares the best practices for managing operations, strategic initiatives, and leadership communications.


Become a Chief of Staff

Become a Chief of Staff

by Brian Rumao


A chief of staff is no longer just for politics; these days, it's an essential position in the corporate world. In the tech industry, chief of staff roles are increasing in double digits every year. Chief of staff roles are fast-growing, impressive, and highly-coveted positions, but how can we get there ourselves?

Course instructor Brian Rumao has worked as the chief of staff under LinkedIn's CEO Jeff Weiner for over five years. Whether you're interested in the steps you need to take to become a chief of staff yourself, or you're already there and want to make an impact, Rumao has converted his experience into easily-actionable tips and tricks for handling this important role.

Favorite quote

Learn from your mistakes, reflect on those mistakes, and never make the same ones again.

- Brian Rumao

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