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Become a Better Presenter

Royal Observatory Greenwich

5 mins

3 key insights

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This course explores the essential skills you need to become a better speaker and explains how to make your presentations engaging.


Become a Better Presenter

Become a Better Presenter

by Royal Observatory Greenwich


Whether you're pitching to your boss, teaching something to co-workers, or it's just part of your job, presenting is a hugely valuable life skill. But what makes an effective presenter?

This course teaches you essential presentation skills, allowing you to add personality, engage your audience, explain information clearly, and navigate tricky situations — whether you're presenting online or in person.

The course is led by Elizabeth Avery, founder and leader of The Presenter Network at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Alongside experts in the presenting field, Avery explores the key to becoming an effective presenter.

Favorite quote

It's not Shakespeare. People aren't going to know if you got the words wrong because it's not really about the words – it's about the content … Make sure the things you're saying are things you would say, the way you would say them.

- Dan Plane, science communicator

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