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Basic Childhood Trauma RecoveryBy Toluse Francis

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In Basic Childhood Trauma Recovery, therapist Toluse Francis guides you through the depths of childhood trauma's inner workings, helping you understand how it can be prevented and managed.

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If there's only one thing that must be emphasised to a child in distress, it's the fact that whatever happened to them is not their fault.

Toluse Francis


Childhood is one of the biggest factors when it comes to determining someone's future. While we're not necessarily limited by our childhood, we're always somewhat influenced by it. Those who have experienced trauma as children tend to grow up with poorer health and higher risks of suffering with mental health conditions.

However, this can often be prevented by dealing with the situation as soon as a traumatic event occurs, thus avoiding the creation of a traumatic response in a child. During this in-depth psychology course, therapist and mental health coach Toluse Francis walks us through the mechanisms of childhood trauma and gives you key insights into how to detect it, respond to it, and help the child heal.

Whether you're a parent, a relative, or a family friend, you have the power to make a difference in a child's life. When you recognize their pain, you can help them find the right solutions. Find out how to recognize the early signs of trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder in children, and learn how to open a healthy discussion about their mental health with them. By understanding the complexity and variety of trauma responses, you can properly deal with them and change a child's life for the better.

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    Trauma is a spectrum
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