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Baby Steps Millionaires

Dave Ramsey

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Personal finance author Dave Ramsey details the baby steps ordinary people can take to build wealth from nothing and become millionaires.


Baby Steps Millionaires

Baby Steps Millionaires

by Dave Ramsey


When we imagine millionaires, we often think of the outrageously wealthy: people who spend lavishly, drive fancy cars, live in enormous homes, own luxury yachts, and globetrot non-stop. The reality is that the average millionaire wouldn't actually stand out in a crowd.

Most millionaires in the U.S. got there by consistent investing, eliminating debt, and owning a home. The combined value of their assets after subtracting debts is at least a million dollars, and they exist in every city and state.

Personal finance guru, author, and Christian evangelist Dave Ramsey has written about personal finance for over 30 years and hosts the U.S. radio show The Money Game. In Baby Steps Millionaires, Ramsey distills his decades of expertise into actionable advice on wealth building.

Favorite quote

A millionaire is someone with a net worth of $1 million or more. It is NOT anything else. THAT is the only definition. It's a math formula … It's what you own minus what you owe.

- Dave Ramsey

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