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Aware is a comprehensive overview of the far-reaching benefits of meditation, rooted in both science and practice, enriched with actionable advice on how to practice mindfulness.




by Daniel J. Siegel


We've all heard it before: meditation is good for us. It will make us healthier, happier, more mindful, better. But how exactly? Daniel J. Siegel wrote Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence to demystify mindfulness meditation for those who haven't tried it yet but feel compelled to. If you often find yourself curious about what this yoga-inclined friend of yours means when she talks about 'awareness' or 'mind-body connection,' this is a book for you.

The author is both an avid meditator and a practicing psychiatrist. This combination makes his way of presenting meditation really unique. He blends insights from his own contemplative experience with scientific findings.

Siegel's meditation guidebook is not merely an exhaustive how-to with numerous steps to follow. It also works as a map, explaining what you should watch out for as you move through your self-discovery journey. This gives you a sense of security and guidance, once you commit to explore the truly magnificent landscape of your own mind.

Favorite quote

How intention glows determines where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural and interpersonal connection grow.

- Daniel Siegel

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