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Alexander Hamilton

Ron Chernow

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Alexander Hamilton tells the inspiring story of a poor orphan who grew to become one of the most intelligent, ambitious, and influential people in American history.


Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton

by Ron Chernow


Despite being a hugely influential figure in American history, Alexander Hamilton has not always gotten the credit he deserves. Ron Chernow's biography provides an in-depth exploration of Hamilton's life, examining how an orphan from the Caribbean made a name for himself in American history. This book has since become a critically-acclaimed bestseller, as well as being adapted by Chernow and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda into the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. Today, Alexander Hamilton's name is known across the world as both a historical figure and a cultural phenomenon.

Favorite quote

In fact, no immigrant in American history has ever made a larger contribution than Alexander Hamilton.

- Ron Chernow

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