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Alcohol Explained

William Porter

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This eye-opening investigation into the effects of alcohol on our bodies and minds explores how alcohol addiction takes hold and how we can improve our chances of quitting.


Alcohol Explained

Alcohol Explained

by William Porter


Alcohol is everywhere. Our first encounters with it are framed as rites of passage, and it accompanies us throughout our entire lives. But for many, the effects of alcohol on their bodies, minds, and lives are devastating. With all the obvious downsides, why is it so tough to stop drinking?

In this book, lawyer William Porter, who stopped drinking in 2014, explores the seemingly illogical world of the body and mind on alcohol. Porter examines the chemical, physiological, and psychological effects of alcohol and how they combine to create a drinking problem.

Alcohol Explained takes a fresh look at drinking and challenges some accepted 'truths' with compassion and insight. Although aimed at those who might have a problem with alcohol, the book is also a valuable resource for friends and family trying to support a loved one struggling with alcohol issues.

Favorite quote

There is so much information out there on alcohol, alcoholism and addiction, but what are the key factors that we need to grasp in order to understand why so many people drink, and why some find it so difficult to stop?

- William Porter

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