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Alcohol and Human Health

The Open University, Lesley Smart

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This Open University course on alcohol and human health introduces learners to the general effects of alcohol consumption through informative, concise chapters.


Alcohol and Human Health

Alcohol and Human Health

by The Open University


The culture of producing and consuming alcoholic beverages is thousands of years old. Our genetics unravels the depths of our relationship with alcohol, which depends on our background and our tolerance of the substance.

Despite our long history with alcohol, we often don't fully understand what causes the effects of alcohol on our behavior and health, and why their intensity and type vary so much from person to person.

In this Open University course, find out the short- and long-term effects of alcoholic drinks, their influence on our brain chemistry, and why humans love them so much.

Favorite quote

Many people with dependency on alcohol seem to go through several cycles that include periods of controlled drinking or abstinence, followed by problem drinking that leads to further treatment episodes and so on through their lives.

- The Open University

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