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Agile Foundations

Doug Rose

5 mins

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Agile Foundations explores the principles behind the revolutionary approach to software development.


Agile Foundations

Agile Foundations

by Doug Rose


Doug Rose has been helping organizations grow for more than 20 years. Through his work as an organizational coach, trainer and change manager, Rose has been instrumental in the transformation of high profile companies like The Home Depot, UPS, AutoTrader, Raytheon, PayChex, and Genentech.

Rose specializes in helping tech teams work well together and using Agile Foundations, a flexible and adaptive software development approach. In this course, the instructor shows us how an agile team actually works, emphasizing predictability over long-term planning, and collaboration over specialization.

As operations for brick and mortar businesses don't translate well to lines of code, Agile is far more suited to software development than conventional project management. Adopting an agile mindset comes with a lot of change to the way we are used to doing things, but as Rose assures us, the initial discomfort will certainly be worth it.

Favorite quote

Your agile transformation should be like yoga. If you're doing it right, it should hurt just a little bit.

- Doug Rose

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