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Addiction: A Community Issue

Srini Pillay

5 mins

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This course explores the many types of addiction and the consequences that they inflict on society as a whole.


Addiction: A Community Issue

Addiction: A Community Issue

by Srini Pillay


For a long time, drug addiction was understood as an individual issue of self-control or a moral failing. But only recently, medical professionals are beginning to examine addiction in its wider social context.

Srini Pillay is a psychiatrist and brain imaging analyst offering a fresh perspective on the problem of addiction. In this course, Pillay approaches addiction from the viewpoint of social psychiatry, demonstrating the pervasiveness of pervasive substance abuse, and how it undermines society's foundations.

Favorite quote

Having an addiction was considered a personal problem... many experts spoke about it as brain disease that we can do nothing about. These days this view is changing. People are actually realizing that we don't exist in isolation.

- Srini Pillay

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