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Achieving Happiness and Success

Chris Croft

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Achieving Happiness and Success offers seven changes you can make in your daily life to be happier and achieve your desired success.


Achieving Happiness and Success

Achieving Happiness and Success

by Chris Croft


For many of us, being happy is a sign of success, so the two often go hand in hand. Unfortunately, happiness and success are difficult to attain because of all the negative factors and difficulties in our everyday lives that we have to overcome.

Chris Croft is a professional life, motivation, and business coach who has over 20 years of experience helping people manage their time, lives, and happiness to better achieve success. In this course, Croft introduces seven core ideas to achieve happiness and success:

  1. Setting goals.
  2. Maintaining self-discipline.
  3. Reducing unimportant activities.
  4. Getting organized.
  5. Being assertive.
  6. Influencing others.
  7. Living with a positive attitude.

With these tips and strategies, Croft demonstrates many different ways to achieve happiness and success in all areas of life.

Favorite quote

You reap what you sow … If you expected good things to happen, they're more likely to happen because it affects your interactions and mental state of mind.

- Chris Croft

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