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Accidental Genius

Mark Levy

5 mins

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Accidental Genius introduces you to the concept of freewriting, which can be used to solve complex problems, exercise creativity, flesh out ideas, and even build a catalog of publishable work.


Accidental Genius

Accidental Genius

by Mark Levy


Often, we already have all the tools we need to deal with our everyday problems. We learned many of our best life skills as children – and then promptly forgot them while growing up. Did you enjoy drawing or creative writing as a child? However, the older you got, the more forced it probably became. With Accidental Genius at hand, you might just be able to enjoy unleashing your creativity again. With this book, Mark Levy provides all the tools you'll need to find your feet again, and even give freewriting a shot.

If you spent hours at a time as a child sat down with a pen and paper, just letting the words bubble out without a care for grammar or editing...then you were a freewriter. If you can bring your freewriting hobby back today, it'll help you solve complex problems and practice your creativity at the same time.

Favorite quote

The act of writing stimulates thought, so when you cannot think of anything to say, start writing anyway.

- Mark Levy

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