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Abstract: Digital Product DesignBy Ian Spalter, Scott Dadich, Morgan Neville

In a Nutshell

Digital Product Design, from the Netflix series Abstract, is a documentary overview of digital product development, narrated by Instagram's Head of Design, Ian Spalter.

Favorite quote

You have this magic piece of glass that creates these very transformational experiences that can teleport you to a place and time. It's a way of bringing things that are far away closer.

Ian Spalter


The real and virtual worlds have been slowly blending together for a while now. But while it may appear instantly, anything you see on your screen is the result of many user-oriented design decisions to keep it simple and hide the complexity under the hood.

Abstract: The Art of Design is a Netflix Original docuseries on design processes and techniques across a multitude of mediums. In this episode, we meet Ian Spalter, who spearheaded the controversial redesign that made Instagram a social media superpower. Through the example of Instagram and interviews with other figures in the tech world, Digital Product Design studies the development process and design decisions that define the products we use every day.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    A unique user experience is the final product
  2. 2.
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