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A Very Punchable Face

Colin Jost

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Comedian, actor, and writer Colin Jost shares hilarious stories from his life and takes us behind the scenes of a career writing and hosting for Saturday Night Live.


A Very Punchable Face

A Very Punchable Face

by Colin Jost


Colin Jost has been punched in at least four separate Saturday Night Live sketches. In one sketch, SNL's creator Lorne Michaels punched him in the face 15 times; the title of Jost's autobiography was dutifully earned.

As Scarlett Johansson's spouse, an SNL's writer since 2005, Weekend Update's longest-running host, and a graduate of Harvard, Colin Jost has led a remarkable life. A Very Punchable Face is a self-effacing and comic story about how this half-German, half-Irish-Catholic working-class boy from Staten Island got where he is today.

As well as being a straightforward autobiography peppered with comedic anecdotes, Jost's memoir offers considerable insight into Saturday Night Live, from what it's like as a workplace to stories from its recent history.

Favorite quote

I gained forty pounds, I would say… instantly? It was like a reverse fairytale where I fell asleep on a pizza, got kissed by a pepperoni, and woke up a toad.

- Colin Jost

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