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A Single RevolutionBy Shani Silver

In a Nutshell

Discover how you can enjoy and value your singlehood while also desiring a relationship at the same time. Change the narrative and release limiting beliefs that keep you locked inside an endless search instead of enjoying the best parts of being single.

Favorite Quote

Couplehood is a nice-to-have. A happy singlehood is an essential. We’ve been taught it’s the other way around.

Shani Silver


Singlehood, particularly for women, has a terrible reputation. But you don’t have to hate being single. You’re allowed to love it — and find partnership, too.

Reframing singlehood can be this simple: "I have to sleep alone," becomes, "I get the whole bed to myself." Perspective is everything.

Author and podcaster Shani Silver is changing the way singles think and feel about what we are.

A Single Revolution is the permission-giving, narrative-changing guidebook to loving your single life for as long as you happen to be single, instead of swiping away your sanity – and your adulthood – chasing down a partnership at any cost.

Get ready to feel so much better about being single, without needing to ‘choose’ being single forever.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    Being single isn’t wrong or less-than
  2. 2.
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