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Podcast Hack
A Glimpse into the FutureBy TED Radio Hour, Amy Webb

In a Nutshell

In this December 2021 episode of the TED Radio Hour podcast, host Manoush Zomorodi and futurist Amy Webb discuss technological innovations outlined in various TED talks.

Favorite Quote

We can't close our eyes and sleep through this great awakening that's happening around us, because we have fundamental technologies coming online that are going to reshape what the rest of humanity looks like.

Amy Webb


Technology affects nearly everything we do and how we operate as a society.

It's vital to be conscious of the innovative technology on the horizon; it may one day become just as integral as phones or computers.

On the TED Radio Hour Podcast, journalist Manoush Zomorodi dissects excerpts from various TED talks related to a specific topic.

In this episode from December 2021, Zomorodi is joined by 'quantitative futurist' Amy Webb, professor of strategic foresight at the NYU school of business, as they explore burgeoning new technologies that could change how we view travel and wellness.

Here are the 3 key insights from this Hack

  1. 1.
    The hyperloop could reinvent cross-country travel
  2. 2.
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