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A Curious History of Sex

Kate Lister

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A Curious History of Sex is a candid, critical, and intensely funny chronicle of human sexuality with all its curiosities and cultural implications.


A Curious History of Sex

A Curious History of Sex

by Kate Lister


All animals have sex, but humans are probably the only ones who make it so complicated. Describing the scope of sexual quirks, fetishes, theories, and definitions would likely require an encyclopedia – but Dr. Kate Lister tackles it in one engaging book.

Lister is a lecturer at Leeds Trinity University, whose research focuses on the history of sexuality, and of sex work in particular. Lister is also the creator of Whores of Yore, a sex-positive interdisciplinary digital archive.

Unlike any other history book you've read, A Curious History of Sex is witty, straightforward, and packed with curiosities and trivia. From sunshine fetishes and euphemisms like 'growling at the badger,' to the darker issues of racial discrimination and female genital mutilation, the author covers some of the most engaging and strange aspects of human sexuality.

Favorite quote

Historically, if you desire, you are a whore; if you have sex outside of marriage, you are a whore; if you transgress and threaten 'the man', you are a whore. We are all historical whores.

- Dr. Kate Lister

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