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7 Things Confident People Do Differently

On Purpose, Jay Shetty

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Jay Shetty, an author, former monk, and podcast host shares seven key things that confident people do day-to-day and what you can learn from them in this episode of the On Purpose podcast.


7 Things Confident People Do Differently

7 Things Confident People Do Differently

by On Purpose


Jay Shetty seeks to make wisdom go viral through his books and online teachings. As a business school graduate turned Hindu monk and author, Shetty shares his insights on purpose, minimalism, and wellbeing. In 2020, Shetty released his first book, Think Like a Monk, which translates ancient Hindu teachings into practical wisdom for the modern age.

On his podcast, On Purpose, Shetty interviews celebrities and thought leaders such as Jane Goodall, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey.

In this solo episode of On Purpose, Shetty goes over seven things that confident people do differently, offering insights into how listeners can turn these tips into habits to benefit their daily lives, relationships, and careers.

Favorite quote

Next time you get a new opportunity, I want you to say yes, and then I want you to figure out how to do it.

- Jay Shetty

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